Garvin County Health Department

The Garvin County Health Department (GCHD) is a public health agency responsible for protecting the health of Garvin County residents. Its mission is to provide education, prevention, and treatment of disease and injury to promote the community’s general health.

GCHD provides many services to the citizens of Garvin County. Their focus is on preventing illness and promoting health. They educate and promote the prevention of disease and injury. Additionally, they provide the highest quality health care for those who have become ill.

Public health officials monitor the health status of a population to identify any health risks or potential problems. GCHD monitors the health of the county in many ways, including but not limited to:

Preventive care.

 Public health officials help you learn how to prevent illness and injury by teaching you how to take care of yourself. They will also teach you how to care for your family.


 Public health officials will help you recover from your illness when you become sick or injured. They will also help you manage your health after you get better.


 Public health officials help you learn how to prevent disease and injury by identifying the risk factors and monitoring the prevalence of these conditions.

Environmental Health.

 The GCHD works to prevent health problems caused by environmental hazards. They help you learn how to reduce your exposure to potential health hazards.

Research and evaluation.

The GCHD helps you learn how to prevent disease and injury by collecting data on health indicators in the community.

Education and outreach.

 The GCHD educates you about your health and encourages you to adopt healthy behaviors.

Communication and information.

 The GCHD is the primary source of information for residents on a wide range of health topics.

Monitoring and evaluation.

 The GCHD tracks the progress of its public health efforts and evaluates their effectiveness.

Healthy communities.

 The GCHD works to create and maintain healthy communities by working to:

Promote health.

 The GCHD promotes healthy behaviors and works to prevent diseases and injuries in the community.

Enforce laws.

 The GCHD enforces local, state, and federal regulations to protect the public and ensure a healthy environment.

Maintain a safe community.

 The GCHD works to reduce the number and severity of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the community.

Healthy people.

 The GCHD focuses on helping you develop healthy lifestyles and preventing diseases and injuries.

Preventable health conditions.

 The GCHD works to prevent health problems that are related to chronic, infectious, and environmental diseases.


GCHD is the first line of defense in maintaining the community’s health. By providing various programs and services, they strive to protect the health of all residents of Garvin County. GCHD seeks to ensure that the Garvin County community is as healthy as possible.

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